MAHAPADMA PARARTHA FOUNDATION (YMP) was established on September 7, 2017. The Foundation’s fundamental philosophy is the use of resources for the benefit of the younger generation, especially in reaching out to the poor through interest in reading and continuous improvement of self quality.

Through its activities, YMP aims to run Corporate Social Responsibility programs from corporate and individual donors and channel corporate zakat funds with a vision: Towards an Indonesian society that maintains a reading culture, broadens its horizons and enhances self-ability through applicative skills.

In realizing this vision, YMP carries out three main missions, namely fostering children’s literacy in particular, as the nation’s next generation, to improve insight and quality of thinking; realize access to sustainable education for poor people, and help improve the skills and independence of young people through vocational education that can be applied later as professional people in the community.

Memupuk Literasi, Meningkatkan Kualitas Hidup