Various Contests and Reading Tales with students around the An-Nuur Reading House lingkungan

The An-Nuur Foundation attracted the attention of local children to enliven the Reading House by holding various competitions and reading fairy tales. The event, which was held on December 19, 2020, was attended by many child participants around the An-Nuur Orphanage Foundation. Again, the Mahapadma Parartha Foundation (MaPa Foundation) supported the event by sponsoring the giving of funny, interesting and useful gifts.

To create excitement, An-Nuur Management held a Fashion Show competition, Questions and Answers about educational matters, and a coloring competition. The Chairperson of MaPa Foundations, Mrs. Juliani, also participated in making general knowledge questions, all of which information can be found in the books from the An-Nuur Reading House collection. In addition, there was also an activity to listen to the story told by Kak Pipit, which certainly made the children happy throughout the event.

These children are taught to love books, learn ethics and decency that are exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad SAW through fairy tales that are told cheerfully and happily.

Hopefully the next generation of this nation will be a proud generation for Indonesia. Keep it up, kids!!!


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