Stationery Donation to Yayasan Generasi Peduli Indonesia

Mahapadma Parartha Foundation (MaPa Foundation) provided stationery assistance to some orphanage, and now the Yayasan Generasi Peduli Indonesia, which located in Jatiasih, Bekasi is becoming one of the target. For the first time, on October 2, 2021, Mrs. Juliani Luthan, as the Chairperson of the Mahapadma Parartha Foundation visited the orphanage.

Mrs. Juliani’s presence was warmly welcomed, the management said she was happy to get help from the MaPa Foundation to help students with their needs. MaPa Foundation committee were also invited to look around the new dormitory building and office of the Foundation. It is hoped that the orphans there can be enthusiastic about learning in order to reach their goals to advance themselves in study. Amen

Keep on learning, brothers and sisters, make all those closest to you proud, and strive to reach your goals.

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