Small Gifts Before Eid

This Eid is very different from the previous years. Our country has been hit by the Corona Virus pandemic. Many families cannot stay in touch directly, in order to prevent additional patients from being affected by this virus, the government has prohibited people from going home to their villages. Gatherings, visiting each other, chatting and letting go of longing were also not carried out, because each of the residents kept physically close to a minimum. Corona’s powerful transmission is no joke. All the children were not able to go to school as normal. They learn from home.

The same thing happened in orphanages, where some of the students returned to their relatives’ homes. Some of them are still able to stay in the orphanage. In the month of Ramadan, ahead of Lebaran, Mahapadma Parartha Foundation distributed small gifts for the children of the An-Nuur Orphanage. Biscuits, dates and syrup as sweeteners for the month of Ramadan and Victory Day have been well received. Hopefully it can be an entertainer on Eid Al-Fitr this year, which is really unusual.

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