The outbreak of Covid-19 in Indonesia and the world is a very extraordinary and emergency event. All activities of the community and the Government were shaken by it. School children are closed, are required to study at home. Many civil servants and private or independent workers have been “laid off”, either partially with the cool term Work From Home… or indeed forced to stay at home, because business activities have decreased drastically.

But the needs of daily life still have to be met….

In the midst of this atmosphere, the Mapa Foundation was moved to donate food packages to small communities, the poor, the elderly who are increasingly depressed, affected by Covid-19. The donations were in the form of basic food packages consisting of Rice, Sugar, Cooking Oil, Soy Sauce, and Instant Noodles. In collaboration with the RT of the Taman Sari Village Area and the management of the An Nuur Foundation Orphanage, this package was immediately distributed to small communities in need.

The smiles and tears of the aid recipients touched us, how much they really need our help in order to survive in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Let’s pray together, so that this disease outbreak can soon disappear from the motherland of Indonesia in particular, generally throughout the world, so that we can all return to our usual activities.

Hopefully we are still given the opportunity to share and lighten the burden of others. Amen

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