Regular Activities of Learning and Reading for the Children of the An- Nuur and Hayatul Kamila Reading House

Jumat, 14 Januari 2022, 

MaPa Foundation in collaboration with the An Nuur and Hayatul Kamila Reading Houses in the Setu area of ​​Bekasi, held a regular event “Reading Books is Fun”, with Kak Pipit (storyteller). This event aims to foster and train interest in reading and literacy skills for children.
As we all know, in this modern era, inviting children to love books is a challenge, so the MaPa Foundation organizes periodic book reading sessions and listening to fairy tales, of course by utilizing the existing Reading House facilities in these two foundations.
The event was organized combined with a fun program for children. Sis Pipit reads fairy tales with her cute doll adding to the joy of the atmosphere. Children are also invited to choose reading books that interest them, then they can retell what the contents of the book they have read, to their friends. In addition, there are also quizzes with various attractive prizes to stimulate the spirit of learning.
At the end of the event, all participants received snacks from the organizers. Hopefully, regular events like this, will be able to attract interest in reading among students and
children who live around the Foundation. Amen

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