Mapafoundation held a follow-up program “Fulfilling Literacy” with a Fairy Tale, Games & Quiz event at the Istiqomah Reading House, which was held on Friday, February 22, 2019. With an audience of orphans from the Istiqomah Foundation and participants studying at the TPA (Taman Pendidikan Qur’an) an), then this event also involves children who live in the area around Jatibening, as many as 40 children.

After inaugurating the Istiqomah Reading House facility, the management of Mapafoundation wanted to increase their enthusiasm and interest in reading by bringing children into the world of the fun of reading. This event is expected to open horizons, increase knowledge and instill character through messages and enthusiasm to become quality human beings in facing the future.

The Story Reading program is combined with quizzes and games, in order to train children’s confidence, practice being a good listener, and be able to retell the fairy tales they have heard, in their own language.

The children were entertained by the story that was brought by Kak Haryo, about manners and devotion to parents. The event was punctuated by jokes, laughter with “si Dodi”, a hand puppet, which was funny. In the question and answer program they also learn to be patient and listen to questions and give answers carefully. Those who are brave and responsive are welcome to come forward and answer questions, and get prizes. The event ended with reading prayers and Surahs of the Qur’an, closed by the Maghrib prayer in congregation.

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