Nurture Literacy

Indonesia’s reading interest rate is in the lower range among the Asian countries. The failure to nurture reading Interest since early age is partially caused by low access to books in various regions.

In general, the existing formal educational system was unable to boost reading habits in the country because of the schools’ lack of libraries and research facilities. Moreover, in the non-formal education sector, where most of the students attends school full time, motivating reading interest is also a huge challenge


The MaPa Foundation aims to initiate programs that addresses this challenge by managing small libraries with a good size book collection. Our activities include:

  • Encouraging Children in target communities to read books as a hobby.
  • Procuring books based on children’s suggestions on books they would like to read
  • Encouraging children to read one English book with a particular level of difficulty.

The Library is also open to the public so it may serve the surrounding community and increase literacy, creativity and self-development.

The “Our Library” Program

”Our Library” is a program run by the MaPa Foundation to nurture the community’s young children and teenagers hobby of reading. The foundation sets target areas or communities and provides facilities and materials to create libraries. Furthermore, the Foundation assists local communities to become “librarians” and manage the libraries themselves.

The following are several book categories that are the focus of our book collection:

The places that accommodate the Libraries and Reading Corners will eventually be equipped with a library information system.