MaPa Foundation Donates Reading Books for Reading Corner, in Yayasan Akar Cinta Kasih-Bali

Tuesday, 20 December 2022, MaPa Foundation donated reading books, pen and notebooks to inaugurate Reading Corner in Yayasan Akar Cinta Kasih at Abiansemal, Bali.

Akar Cinta Kasih Foundation is a organization that shelters and cares for children affected by AIDS or people with the HIV virus. They contracted this dangerous virus from infancy, or may be affected by their parents who do have the disease. Since childhood these children have been infected of this perilous disease, and in order to maintain their health and quality of life, every month the Foundation holds regular health checks for the children, gives them the medicines they need, and provides directions on how to live a healthier life. Children meet and hang out on a scheduled basis at the Secretariate, under the guidance and direction of volunteers. By setting up a Reading Corner there, while they take turns being examined and given reinforcement, they can also gather, play and share while having access to good quality reading materials.The more variety of reading books that provided, hopefully, the enthusiasm of children in developing an interest in reading and learning new things will also increase.It is this passion that ultimately drives us to channel support to them. MaPa Foundation hopes that the children under the guidance of the Akar Cinta Kasih Foundation can gather in the new Reading Corner facility, which will make gatherings agenda and health checks session a more enjoyable time.



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