Inauguration of the GPL Reading Corner (Literacy Corner Movement) RW. 002, in Cihideung, Bogor

Simultaneously with the Literacy Initiative discussion series held at the Sirojul Huda3, on September 17 2022, Ms. Juliani Luthan who is the Chairperson of the MaPa Foundation, also provided assistance in the form of several wooden shelving units as well as various reading books, note book and ballpoints for children. The GPL RW.002 Reading Corner was also inaugurated in Cihideung, Bogor. GPL stands for Literacy Corner Movement, which is managed by several activists who actively arrange the distribution and circulation of readings materials, to be allocated to several villages in the Cijeruk-Cipelang area.

So far 15 GPLs have been created which still require additional quality books for children in the local villages. This donation was appreciated with joy by all volunteers, who then sorted out which books were suitable and of interest to the local villages’ GPL targets. These various reading books were given by MaPa Foundation in accordance with its mission to foster literacy interest, accompanied by the hope that they will be useful and become a provision of knowledge for the children there. Thank you to all the activists that involved in this movement. May all sincere intentions be rewarded with a lot of goodness for all of us.


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