Mahapadma Parartha Foundation

Mahapadma Parartha Foundation (MaPa Foundation) was established on 7 September 2017. The Foundation’s fundamental philosophy is to utilize resources to benefit youths, particularly in reaching out to the poor through developing their interest in reading and continuous self-improvement.

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MaPa Program

Nurturing Literacy

Our programs support various efforts to boost youths’ literacy. Compared to other Asian countries, Indonesia’s reading interest rate is rather low. Limited access to books in various regions is one of the factors which led to the lack in nurturing children’s reading interest at an early age.


Educational Reach

A program that assists children from underprivileged families to continue their education, in hopes they will become people with noble characters, good leadership and high achievements.


Applied Vocational Skills

MaPa Foundation will provide facilities and mentors with teaching materials to assist youths gain vocational skills. Possessing practical vocational skills is needed to equip youths to enter the professional world.


Social and Environmental Care

A program to improve the public’s general welfare by providing the basic necessities of children living in orphanages and low-income families.



MaPa Reach

Partner in Charity

In carrying out all programs and activities, MaPa Foundation receives both moral and material support from our partners in realizing goodness, including:

  • PT Zebra Asaba Industries
  • Ario Santoso
  • Athie Kasman
  • PT Cakra Mitra International
  • Ardi Tri B.
  • Yunita Rosi
  • Iva Nielsen
  • Nany Merdi
  • PT Cakra Gemilang Prakasa
  • Eni Priyatni
  • Rulita Anggraini
  • Bristol Indonesian Society
  • PT Cakra International. Co.Ltd.
  • Devi Indah Kartika
  • Dini Novita

MaPa Foundation opens opportunities for individuals and corporations to take part in improving literacy programs for children and youths in Indonesia. Donations can be in the form of school supplies, learning tools, games or quality books which will be widely distributed to add to the collection of Reading Houses in various areas in need.

Nurturing Literacy, Improving Self Quality

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Jl. Mampang Prapatan VIII,
Kompleks Bappenas No 47
Tegal Parang
Jakarta 12790
Tel +62812 1400 3722