Educating Students Through Disaster Mitigation, Mapa Foundation Holds Karsa Lestari Discussion

Saturday, 18 June 2022
Life-threatening natural disasters often occur in many areas in Indonesia, therefore to better understand and care about efforts to anticipate and deal with these incidents, the Maha Padma Parartha Foundation (Mapa Foundation) in collaboration with the ITB Geology Alumnus Association, Sekolah Bumi and Sirojul Huda 3 Vocational School held a Karsa Lestari Discussion Series with the theme “Mitigation of Geological Disasters”.
The activity which was held at the Student Hall of Sirojul Huda 3 Vocational School was attended by 60 participants from representatives of the SMA/SMK OSIS in Cijeruk, Caringin and Cigombong Sub-Districts as well as representatives of DKR Scouts (Ranting Work Council), Sub-District Paskibra (PPK) and KNPI of Cijeruk Sub-District.
The committee from the Sekolah Bumi who supported the activity was able to bring a warm atmosphere even with quite heavy presentation material, the students could digest the content that presented by Pertamina University Lecturer, Epo Prasetya Kusuma, S.T, M.Sc. It discussed the introduction of earth science, types of earth disasters that threaten life and disaster mitigation interspersed with interactive videos and online Quiz by hosts from the Sekolah Bumi.
Moderated by Ir.H. Anil Muzachir, MBA, MSC (Chair of the Regional Search and Help Potential Coordination Forum/FKP3D Bogor) who, apart from providing additional insight on disaster mitigation in the field, was also able to moderate the discussion according to the millennial generation’s mindset of the participants, the majority of whom were high school students.
According to Juliani W Luthan, S. Sos as chairperson of the Mapa Foundation, “This activity is indeed dedicated to the younger generation of students so that as early as possible they have a sense of concern, insight into disaster and the desire to participate in disaster prevention and management efforts in their surroundings.”
The headmaster of Sirojul Huda 3 Vocational School, Heri Mardi Purwanto, S.Pd explained that, “With this discussion activity, in addition to providing disaster insight to participants, it is also hoped that it will be able to become a friendly medium for OSIS administrators from SMA/SMK in the District Cijeruk, Caringin and Cigombong to be part of the community that are able to make an active contribution and to be able to build collaborations between schools to create a conducive climate for the advancement of a learning process that cares more about the environment.”
The event was also interspersed with pantomime performances of “nature and the earth” as well as prayer songs from the Asik Theater and Karinding Sholawat SMK Sirojul Huda 3.
Then Risa Triandari, ST, M.Sc as a representative from the Sekolah Bumi emphasized that the purpose of the activity was to invite the younger generation of students who are members of the OSIS to have concern and increase awareness in understanding environmental issues, disasters and disaster mitigation and to be able to play a role in being a community savior and thus can create a safe environment.

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