Distribution of Masks for Communities Around Setu

In tackling the Covid-19 pandemic, the government announced the need to wear masks for all residents, including those who are healthy when outside the home.

The purpose of wearing this mask is to prevent the transmission and spread of Covid-19, where the obligation to wear this mask is also in accordance with the recommendations from WHO.

People can wear cloth masks for prevention. Meanwhile, surgical masks and N95 masks are only intended for health workers.

Because there is still a lack of information, especially for people in the Setu area, it seems that there are still few who wear masks. This prompted the MaPa Foundation to distribute cloth masks to communities around Tamansari Village, Setu-Bekasi. We convey the message of the importance of maintaining cleanliness and health, wearing masks when leaving the house, always washing hands and gargling with warm salt water, after returning from outside.
Hopefully this pandemic will pass soon, and we can all return to normal activities

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