Discussing Kaizen Principles and Job Opportunities in Japan for Vocational High School Graduates

Sirojul Huda 3 Vocational School in collaboration with the Mahapadma Parartha (MaPa) Foundation once more holding a Bimonthly Discussion Series, Literacy Initiative. The discussion that took place today (17/9/2022) at the Sirojul Huda 3 Vocational School with topic: Getting to Know Japan and Kaizen Principles. Followed by participants from class XII students of Sirojul Huda 3 Vocational School and student council representatives from Triwijaya Vocational School, Nahdatul Ulama Vocational School, Mandiri Berkah Vocational School, Putera Mandiri Bangsa Vocational School, Napala Vocational School and State Taruna Vocational School, the discussion was interesting and dynamic.
Acting as the main resource person is Diah Artsisari, who has lived, studied and worked in several Japanese companies until now. She delivered material in an interactive and participatory manner, which engaged students with questions and answers. Students also learn about Japan’s history, culture and achievements, from post-World War II, to its current position as economic powerhouse in the world. Mrs. Diah introduced the principles of Kaizen as a cultural basis. “I am very happy to be able to share a little insight about the country, nation and culture of Japan which we can emulate into the positive side and to apply it in building self-discipline, strong, ethical and responsible person, through Kaizen principles,” said Diah.
Furthermore, Mr. Asylak Mansur, M.Sc. MM. Pd as Chairman of Bogor Regency’s Working Skill Centre, emphasized his discussion material on student motivation and how they can access ample opportunities to be able to work in Japan. “There are many opportunities for students to live and work in Japan. I explain an overview of the processes and procedures, as well as adequate incentives that can be obtained if they work there, as long as they are willing and their families support them. Everyone can engage in this opportunity,” said Asylak. The discussion, which was enlivened by the Karinding Sholawat team and the Sirojul Huda 3 SMK ASiK Theatre performance, which gave a cultural nuance, was opened with the recitation of the holy verses of the Qur’an and singing the national anthem.
In her remarks, Juliani W. Luthan as Chairperson of MaPa Foundation expressed her happiness with this enthusiastic activity. “I hope that the Literacy Discussion Series will be on every two or three months, and can continue to grow and widen into a movement that is able to foster a spirit of literacy for younger generation. Apart from this event, MaPa also appreciates the literacy movement which has grown into 15 reading corners in the Cijeruk area” she said. MaPa Foundation also donated another 400 books to increase the collection of Cijeruk reading corners, which include books donations from Sekolah Bumi Association.
“It is our great hope that we will be able to play a significant role in growing reading interest to promote literacy among children and younger generation, so that one day our children will be ready to perform this competitive age,” said Juliani enthusiastically. Heri Mardi Purwanto as Headmaster of Sirojul Huda 3 Vocational School also hopes that this activity can continue and develop in a more varied form, looking forward to the next series and becoming an icon of the literacy movement in Bogor district. On this occasion, MaPa Foundation also donated 3 sets of bookshelves for the Sirojul Huda 3 Reading Corner. It was received by the volunteers of the Literacy Movement (GPL) in Cijeruk District.

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