Creating a Hayatul Kamila Reading House

Mahapadma Parartha Foundation (MaPa Foundation) made a donation in the form of renovation materials and the provision of reading facilities on March 6, 2021, at Paud Hayatul Kamila. The Early Childhood Education Board wants to make reading facilities for early childhood students (4-6 years old) and for children who live around their area. For this reason, one room that is not optimally utilized, wants to change its designation as a reading room.

The renovation started with painting the room, which had been dark to a light color. Painting is also intended so that the room is not damp. Then proceed to the preparation of bookshelves, carpets, reading tables, fans, in order to increase the comfort of children while reading. MaPa Foundation then donated various children’s reading books, especially those with pictures so that they are more attractive to potential early childhood readers.

Hopefully the renovation activities, provision of equipment, and books can run smoothly.


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