Books Donation from the Sekolah Bumi

In August 2022, Sekolah Bumi or SekBum as it is known, handed over assistance in the form of various reading books and lessons through MaPa Foundation to be distributed to children in need. The books were handed over by the Secretary of the organization, Risa Triandari, ST. and was received by the Chairperson of the MaPa Foundation, Mrs. Juliani Luthan. Sometime before this occasion, MaPa Foundation collaborated with the SekBum in Karsa Lestari activities. During that event, friends from the SekBum visited the Reading Room at Sirojul Huda, Cijeruk, Bogor.
The enthusiasm of local children in literacy activities has encouraged Sekbum members to raise book donations within their organization. Thank you very much for your support and concern for education in Indonesia, we hope this donation will be useful and becomes an encouragement for children to gain knowledge.

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