Book Reading Activities for Early Childhood An-Nuur

On a sunny morning, after teaching and learning activities at PAUD were finished, the students were invited to take a walk to the Reading House at the An-Nuur Orphanage Foundation. An-Nuur Foundation Early Childhood Education with the guidance of a teacher regularly holds fairy tale reading and book viewing activities for their students. The books donated by the Mahapadma Parartha Foundation for Reading Houses are used by the management to stimulate the interest and reading ability of the children.

An-Nuur PAUD teacher shared his happiness because the diverse collection of books at the An-Nuur Reading House and the large number of picture story books aroused children’s curiosity and interest in reading immediately.

Hopefully these children will make reading one of their hobbies, so that the current reading crisis in Indonesia can slowly decline.

Happy reading my children!


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