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MaPa Foundation Donates Reading Books for Reading Corner, in Yayasan Akar Cinta Kasih-Bali

Tuesday, 20 December 2022, MaPa Foundation donated reading books, pen and notebooks to inaugurate Reading Corner in Yayasan Akar Cinta Kasih at Abiansemal, Bali. Akar Cinta Kasih Foundation is a organization that shelters and cares for children affected by AIDS or people with the HIV virus. They contracted this dangerous virus from infancy, or may […]

Reading Activities for Children Joining the English Corner Community, Sidetapa Village

The children who are members of the Singaraja English Corner Community regularly have reading books schedule, utilizing small library that was donated by MaPa Foundation. This activity is continuously carried out after they finish studying at the English Corner Community, Sidetapa Village. This activity is intended to introduce the culture of reading from an early […]

Literacy Corner Movement in Kampung Sampalan Lega, Bogor

On the same date as having a cheerful event and competition for children, MaPa Foundation helped establish and inaugurate the Literacy Corner Movement in Sampalan Lega Village. Assisted by the kampung chief, and local community, this activity was done joyfully. It began by singing our national anthem, children gathered and doing some playful competitions, reading […]

Inauguration of the GPL Reading Corner (Literacy Corner Movement) RW. 002, in Cihideung, Bogor

Peresmian GPL Reading Corner (Gerakan Pojok Literasi) RW. 002, di Cihideung, Bogor Bersamaan dengan rangkaian diskusi Inisiatif Literasi yang diadakan di Sirojul Huda3, pada tanggal 17 September 2022, Ibu Juliani Luthan, Ketua Yayasan MaPa, juga memberikan bantuan berupa beberapa unit rak kayu serta berbagai buku bacaan, buku catatan dan ballpoint untuk anak-anak. Pojok Baca GPL […]

Discussing Kaizen Principles and Job Opportunities in Japan for Vocational High School Graduates

Sirojul Huda 3 Vocational School in collaboration with the Mahapadma Parartha (MaPa) Foundation once more holding a Bimonthly Discussion Series, Literacy Initiative. The discussion that took place today (17/9/2022) at the Sirojul Huda 3 Vocational School with topic: Getting to Know Japan and Kaizen Principles. Followed by participants from class XII students of Sirojul Huda […]

Providing Educational Assistance in Cijeruk

In supporting efforts to advance the education for younger generation, Mahapadma Parartha Foundation continues its commitment to provide educational assistance, especially for Literacy Movement Volunteers in Cijeruk. Adi Sutadi and Ismi are continuing their higher education at university in the Bogor area, and they both need support for that. The Principal of SMK Sirojul Huda […]

Educational Assistance for Underprivileged Children in Cibubur

The Mahapadma Parartha Foundation provides a number of educational assistances to underprivileged children in Cibubur area, with the aim of instilling enthusiasm in those who are less fortunate. This assistance is being arranged for them to pursue their education, enhance their knowledge and growing their aspirations for a better future. The children who received the […]

Educating Students Through Disaster Mitigation, Mapa Foundation Holds Karsa Lestari Discussion

Saturday, 18 June 2022 Life-threatening natural disasters often occur in many areas in Indonesia, therefore to better understand and care about efforts to anticipate and deal with these incidents, the Maha Padma Parartha Foundation (Mapa Foundation) in collaboration with the ITB Geology Alumnus Association, Sekolah Bumi and Sirojul Huda 3 Vocational School held a Karsa […]

Regular Activities of Learning and Reading for the Children of the An- Nuur and Hayatul Kamila Reading House

Jumat, 14 Januari 2022,  MaPa Foundation in collaboration with the An Nuur and Hayatul Kamila Reading Houses in the Setu area of ​​Bekasi, held a regular event “Reading Books is Fun”, with Kak Pipit (storyteller). This event aims to foster and train interest in reading and literacy skills for children. As we all know, in […]