A New Hobby on the Terrace of the An Nuur Orphan Foundation, Setu-Bekasi

Mahapadma Parartha Foundation (MaPaFoundation) stepped into the next Reading House construction project. This time, the management collaborated with the An Nuur Education and Orphanage Foundation, which is located in the Setu area of ​​East Bekasi. Departing from a small house in front of the orphanage dormitory, which was abandoned and unfinished, the caretakers worked hand in hand to turn it into a tiny Reading House, whose terrace was also used for learning the Koran every afternoon.

“The Mahapadma Foundation helps provide building materials, and also works together to complete the construction of a small house, which we can function as a Reading House,” said Juliani W. Luthan, Chair of the Foundation. “It’s a shame if it’s just a warehouse that is not maintained, while this building is located in front of the dormitory. It would be ideal if we functioned it as a small library for this Tamansari Village.” Thus, the building was finished, painted, lit, with fans, tables and chairs, and bookshelves equipped with hundreds of books with various interesting themes. Don’t forget to prepare a short table and carpet, for the children to “float” and read.

‘Apart from the children who live in Rumah Yatim, there are also many kindergarten and elementary school children who are enthusiastic about the presence of various reading books at the An Nuur Reading House. They like to gather and read books that they are interested in,” said Mr. Gofur, Trustee of the An Nuur Orphanage Foundation. “Similarly, the children are studying at the Quran Education Park (TPA) organized by the An Nuur Foundation. After learning the Koran, they immediately looked at books and took titles that caught their attention, then sat reading on the terrace”, he explained. An Nuur Reading House has also been operating since October 2019.

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